New partnership expands strategic development in the workforce management sector

ClearPoint is proud to announce that we have signed a strong partnership with INFORM, optimization specialist from Aachen, in the endeavor to continuously optimize workforce management of companies. ClearPoint is now responsible for sales and implementation of WorkforcePlus software for workforce management in Sweden.

INFORM has been developing software for the optimization of business processes for 50 years. WorkforcePlus, as a software solution in the field of workforce management, is the latest product from INFORM. “This year, we not only look back on five decades of optimization. The partnership with ClearPoint also points to the future. After all, the partnership agreement is an important step on the way to expanding our Workforce Management division,” says Dr. Jörg Herbers, Head of Workforce Management at INFORM. ClearPoint contributes a wealth of knowledge in the field of IT consultancy and especially Workforce Management in Sweden.

CEO Kenth Petersson of ClearPoint who signed the contract, together with Fredric Tarrier, Partner and Director RMS, and Partner and IT Consultant Einar Hansen, knows INFORM from past projects. “I value INFORM’s expertise and we have a successful history working together, so I am looking forward to tackling new challenges,” says Petersson. Dr. Jörg Herbers sees the partnership with ClearPoint as a valuable step in opening up new markets: “Sweden is a demanding market for workforce management systems because employee participation and social aspects in general play a very important role in the workplace. With ClearPoint, we have a solid foundation on which to build a mutually beneficial cooperation.”