clarify the preconditions of your project

We help you clarify the preconditions of your project and has extensive experience in running feasibility studies, ranging from simple assessments to project management of large feasibility study projects.

Our analyses gives you the possibility to assess the feasibility and business value of the proposed project. We produce project scope, decision support for benefits and costs and clarify constraints. A feasibility study can include:

  • mapping of stakeholders
  • business intelligence reports in different technologies and sectors
  • project scope and constraints
  • specification of requirements
  • business value through decision support for benefit and cost
  • solution suggestions and development of business case
  • project directives and project charter for next phase

depending on the complexity of the project.

An important part of all feasibility studies is clear and unequivocal communication and basic data for clients and decision makers.

If you have a minor study, or if you only wish to test an idea for your business, we can support you as an advisory partner. Our feasibility studies maintains a high quality regardless of the extent of your project or inquiry. At ClearPoint, we emphasize the importance of our communication to be as clear and unambiguous as our documentation to clients and decision makers.