Period: April 2014–ongoing


LFV is the Swedish state enterprise operating air navigation services for civil and military customers. In 2013–2014 LVF implemented new services for LAN and WAN within their organization. These new services are also intended for operational use for radar, radio and navigation. The new communication solution is called LVF ATN.


The scope for the LFV ATN Phase 2 project is to implement IP communication solutions into LVF ATN for existing radar, radio and navigation systems.

The assignment

ClearPoint’s assignment includes project management of:

  • Establishing IP communications to some 60 radar, radio and navigation facilities throughout Sweden.
  • Developing and implementing IP communications solutions for radar, radio and navigation system in LFV ATN.
  • Developing decision basis and basic data for aviation safety work.


Ongoing project.

Challenges & dependencies

To maintain aviation safety, air navigation services are subject to a rigorous regulatory framework. For aviation security reasons operative systems such as radar, radio and navigation have retained their serial interfaces in LFV ATN Phase 2. This makes it a challenge to transmit over IP while still retaining the functionality and quality and without affecting the systems.