the independent link

ClearPoint is the independent link between customer and supplier, and will help you to find the most optimal overall solution based on the terms of your business. We have over 50 years of joint experience in working with effective solutions within Workforce Management for personnel, equipment and IT solutions.

One of the major costs in a company is personnel costs. By experience, there is an efficiency potential of about 5-30% with maintained or improved quality. Currently, there are a vast number of Suppliers of system solutions and it is extremely important that an analysis is made before a system change in order to get the most optimal solution.

Staff planning and planning of equipment is a complex task that includes everything from production needs, quality, finance, schedule requirements, collective agreements, local agreements, competence, geographical locations, equipment, training, vacancy management, vacancy planning etc. In many cases, the aim is to reallocate your resources in order to improve productivity, quality and performance of your product.

We can analyse and support your processes within Workforce Management with Project Management, Management Consulting, Operational Management or different specialist functions. Depending on your business needs, we at ClearPoint can support you with:

  • Feasibility studies, Situational Analysis and analysis of business needs
  • Procurements including Requirements specification and Negotiations
  • Process and change management
  • Financial analysis
  • Scheduling potential
  • Programming
  • Process and system implementations
  • Training