Period: 2010–2012


Before the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration was divided into Swedavia (airport operations) and LFV (air navigation services), a call-off agreement was made for communications as a service to provide LFV with a new telephony platform to replace the old MD110 network group. The contract for communications as a service went to Tele2. The solution is fully IP-based and consists of systems from Cisco and Astra with the option to retain selected analogue extensions.


The assignment comprised:

  • Implementing 6,400 extensions for LFV in control centres, towers and HQ, and for all Swedavia owned airports.
  • Changing the number series for Swedavia.
  • Creating integration to workplace services (AD, Exchange, Lync) and for the most part making it mobile for the users.
  • Establishing a call center for up to 500 agents.

A main objective was to have one single phone number for each person/function, but also to make it possible to connect this number to multiple terminals, for example mobile, fixed IP phone, PC/Lync.

The assignment

ClearPoint was responsible for main project management and technical project management during the introduction and migration.


The introduction and migration have contributed to LFV and Swedavia today having a modern and well-functioning IP telephony solution with integration to AD, Exchange and Lync.

Challenges & dependencies

  • The collection of client data.
  • The ongoing logical, and later physical, division of communication and systems between LFV and Swedavia.
  • LFV’s regulatory framework for aviation safety has specific requirements for voice communication, and the introduction must not in any way interfere with aviation safety.
  • Ongoing project for the introduction of a new work place service in both Swedavia and LFV, and the physical division.